CBDA and CBGA Extract Comprehensive Immunity Support

CBD American Shaman of Burleson is always working hard to provide high-quality, lab-tested CBD, Delta-8, and Delta-9 products to our customers. Our store is full of products from reputable, trustworthy brands, and we’re also proud to offer our own line of CBD American Shaman products.

The most recent addition to our collection of products is our Comprehensive Immune Support water-soluble tincture, with 1200mg of CBDA and CBGA extract in every bottle.

CBDA and CBGA Extract

CBDA and CBGA extract is used in our Comprehensive Immunity Support water-soluble tincture to create a more well-rounded supplement, capable of giving your health the boost it needs. We developed this product after Oregon State University announced its findings that cannabinoids could be used to fight against COVID-19 and its variants.

CBGA, also known as cannabigerolic acid, is often called the grandmother of all cannabinoids because it is the form that eventually converts into other cannabinoids. CBDA is one of the forms created by CBGA, and is the precursor form to CBD. We include both CBDA and CBGA in this tincture to make a balanced supplement that you’re sure to love.

All of CBD American Shaman’s CBD products are treated with our proprietary nanotechnology, making them easier for your body to process. This ensures you’re getting the most out of all of our products. 

With a blend of CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) and CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), as well as vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc in every bottle, this is a well-rounded power-house of comprehensive immunity support that’s lab-tested and completely legal in the state of Texas.

CBDA - CBGA Water Soluble Tincture

This vitamin-rich supplement comes in the form of a water-soluble tincture in a tasty peppermint flavor, perfect for mixing into any drink you’d like. It’s discreet and easy to take on the go, for dosing whenever you’d like. 

For the best results with CBD American Shaman’s Comprehensive Immunity Support, we recommend taking half a dropper (05.mL) twice daily, or as needed. We don’t recommend exceeding the suggested use. Be sure to keep this product in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children.

CBD American Shaman of Burleson Products

CBD American Shaman of Burleson’s diverse line of CBD products is made from non-GMO, American-grown hemp that’s rich in terpenes. We treat our hemp with nanotechnology to make it more bioavailable, so you’re sure to get the best results for your money. All of our products are lab-tested to ensure quality and potency, and are completely legal.