An Eye Opening Look Into the Hemp Products on American Shelves

Do you know what goes into your favorite Hemp Products?

Leafreport recently published a report where it was found that more than half of all tested hemp products – sampled from a wide range of options to get the best possible reading on the current marketplace – have Cannabinoid content different from that listed on their packaging. Over 50 products were tested, with each being ranked from A – test results within 10% of what is stated on the label – to F – test results differed by over 30% from labeled concentrations.

While many products and brands were tested, CBD American Shaman was labeled as one of the top producers, earning the distinction of an A ranking. This is thanks in large part to our dedication to Education, Transparency, and Quality – key factors in running a hemp brand that can stand the test of time.

Overall, the study found that less than half of the products tested received an A rating, while those ranked B and C comprised 50% of products tested altogether. The F-rated producers made up only about 10% of the tested products – results which paint a fairly good picture for the Alternative Wellness marketplace, but still leaving room for improvement.

Leafreport’s study – among others with similar findings – highlights the importance of consumer education along with the need for greater accountability surrounding producers of Hemp products. While trustworthy brands – such as CBD American Shaman – are dedicated to delivering only high quality alternatives which have been thoroughly tested, less reputable producers may try to take advantage of a consumer’s lack of access to accurate information.

In an always-changing marketplace such as this, it can be hard to keep up with all of the new products coming out everyday. This is why consumers should take time to ensure they know what to look for in a reputable product, protecting both your wallet and your wellbeing. Fortunately, there are some things you can look out for:

One of the foremost indicators for the quality of a product is its Certificate of Analysis, or “COA,” as it’s sometimes called. A COA will list specific lab results for a given product, revealing both potency and Cannabinoid content, along with any possible contaminants. Most trustworthy sellers have ready access to COAs for the products they carry, or should be able to easily point you to where you can find them online. CBD American Shaman is proud to present COAs for the products we carry upon request, a sign of our dedication to quality.

Another sign of a brand which you can trust is easily accessible contact information. The majority of quality producers make it very easy to reach out with any questions you might have about their products – either through email, phone, on their own site, or through social media. This is why CBD American Shaman is dedicated to making it easy to get in touch with your questions or concerns about any of our wellness alternatives.

Another major indicator of quality, customer reviews are probably the best measure of a given brand or product. Reviews offer quick insight into the overall quality of a product, both good and bad, making it simple to tell which options are worth trying.

To conclude: it’s important to know what to look for when searching for a new Wellness Alternative to try – both to protect your health, and your bank account. Leafreport’s study highlights the need for continued consumer education, and the importance of transparency and accountability for producers in the Alternative Wellness market. For the latest information and Hemp options you can trust, choose the leaders in Alternative Wellness at CBD American Shaman!

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